What is education? Is it merely the following of instruction from government departments? Is it confined to English and Mathematics? Surely education is captivating the natural inquisitiveness inherit in all children. Allow ample opportunities for children to be the creative participants they all are. Nurturing active learners who appreciate that learning is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are transferable which allow them to find out things that they are expected to know and do, more importantly need (who decides the need is another question) to know and do but vitally want to know and do. Learning is preparation. Preparing children for their next life-stage where we, at minimum, want them to be active, problem solving inter-cultural/ interconnected community members.

Who are educators? Are we the workers at the coalface? Taking instruction from our Secretary of State? One would hope that we are principled facilitators. Facilitators who are adept at building relationships with thinkers, each with their own interests, and adept at utilising the interests that they know their co-learners have; using them to encourage learners to engage, think and create.

What is Digital Enrichment? Is it just another name for ICT? It is a term that should not exist. It is a term that encourages the principled facilitators to use digital resources in a blended way. A way that brings something interactive, exciting, engaging to learning. A means that extends the access to learning, allowing thinkers of all abilities, aptitudes and disposition to find their own starting point and work to any potential ends. A way that extends the reach of learning, allowing more learners to be engaged across a smaller, locally or wider, internationally cast net; promoting collaboration.

I believe that the thoughtful integration of anything that fosters imagination, creativity and innovation  should be happening naturally by educators in education. I believe that Digital Enrichment does that. thedigitalenricherdoctrine@wordpress.com promotes this ethos.

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