Ideation. Notosh inspires change.

Ewan Mc.Intosh inspired me to evoke change. His premise of focussing time to identify even tiny glitches to procedures already set up can actually make just as a dramatic impact as a whole new idea has been captivating me.

One-to-one meetings are starting to be set-up and held with all our community members to gather thinking of ‘How might we…’ make things better. War Rooms, or Sprint Rooms, have been set up so that everyone at our school can see recordings of each of these meetings. Members are encouraged to add and develop points on the A1 sheets of paper that are displayed in our Sprint Room. These papers start off blank but are quickly transformed with scribes and doodles of pointers discussed in the meeting which generate ideas for change, to implement improvements.

Mc.Intosh’s Interview style is outlined in his book, which has now become a key text in my library, How To Come Up With Ideas and Actually Make Them Happen. Questions that may be asked in the discussion are shared prior to the arranged chat. There is no outlined objective for the interview. Just a starting thought to start our thinking and discussion. It is “Tell me about the last time you encountered a problem and there was not yet a clear, thought out solution for you to default to.”.

The style of the questions recommended and the role the ‘Interviewer'(more like the Discussion Facilitating Participant) creates a truly open discussion resulting in a plethora of ideas to improve how my school works. Be it all new ideas or BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) as Mc.Intosh refers to them, or digital opportunities to enrich what is already being done; improving them for a thought-out purpose.

The Ideation Process using the processes Mc.Intosh has outlined in his text and preachings has scope to make worthwhile change and utilising Digital Enrichment to enhance what we do and how we work so that, as a community, we become more efficient, open, productive and happier!


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