What is my child learning in their Computing sessions? Digitally, you keep everyone informed.

Has your Computing, or any other subject that you lead, Questionnaire been sent out to parents yet?

I would wager a large stake that the question, “I am aware of what my child is learning in their Computing sessions” is features on it.

I would wager a slightly smaller stake that the majority of parents mark an answer to inform you that they invariably do not. Hardly surprising as their primary source is their child. When they ask about their day, their child’s typical response is ‘I can’t remember’. Of course they can but why would they want to re-live their day? Unwind time at home, in their mind, involves something completely different than informing somebody essentially out of the loop of what it was that taken up a large amount of their brain capacity causing them to feel a little tired.

How can we keep parents informed without the reliance of an exhausted middle man who can’t be bothered (and who can blame them!) to catalogue their day in order?

In further utilising Google Classroom, Digital Curricular for each of our Digital Badges has been super. Each of our Digital Badge has a lesson or question that is investigated. Along with each question is a differentiated rubric, telling pupils and parents, how many points can be accrued based on performance in investigating that session’s question. This rubric informs the curriculum which is also shared. Links to where the children need to go to carry out their thinking and investigation in the lesson then turns into a link where parents can go and see the fruits of their child and the class’s thinking. The whole digital curriculum together guides parents through the journey that the children have undertook to complete and gain their accredited badge.

Furthermore, it provides valuable subject-knowledge support to colleagues and parents. They can see what it is that is expected of their child in each age group. It preempts discussions. Rather than a parent asking their child, “What did you do in Computing today?” they can ask “So how did you figure out how to do a forever loop in your program today?” A more stimulating question that taps into their interest and also gives them a chance to big themselves up, play the expert. I know I would rather graciously talk about how brilliant I am rather than repeat the modus operandi that was my day!

Parents can tap into this whenever they like on any device in any location. So when the questionnaire asks, “Are you aware of what your child learns in Computing?” who is the onus on now when answering this question?


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