Highover Year 4 collaborate with Google Docs

At Highover, teachers have release time every other half term. On that half term they get one hour 1:1 training with Martin, a member of my DE Team. Google Docs and utilising it as a collaborative tool formed a major part of their training in a past half term. John Rogan, a Highover Year 4 Teacher, used Google Docs as part of an idea gathering task with his class. Below is his synopsis of his lesson and the class’s result of it.

The children were provided with a template shared through Google Classroom, with basic questions and a table of 15 numbered boxes.

Each pair was assigned a box to work in and explanation of the task- to write in their box ideas for a story- was given.

The children could see their own ideas, those of their peers and comments made by the teacher and peers.

The teacher could see exactly what each group were producing and comment accordingly. Whole class issues- eg. of not have- could be addressed quickly and efficiently.

In a subsequent lesson, the teacher acted as scribe, bringing relevant ideas together to create a plan which everyone could use to write their own story. Everyone could feel some ownership of the plan but adapt it to suit their own ideas.

The link below is the class’s collaborative work.

What adventures might Jerry have had?


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