Google 20% Time Project: Pilot Planned

On the 28th April 2015, as part of the second week of the 5 week itslearning Blended Learning MOOC I was undertaking as part of my personal Blended Learning Project, I had to partially plan and write about the Blended Learning model that I will be trialling. I had to specify the model, the reasons behind my decision and the tools I would need to prepare and offer. In the Discussion Thread wrote:

1) I am going to adopt the Learning By Design/ Flex Model with either our Year 4 or 5 class.

2) I am going to use it as it is a key part of my development plan for my role next year and a partial direction of where part of my teaching time will lead to as we emulate the Google20% approach. This should promote independence with children taking the lead for their own learning. In turn this will create increased enthusiasm as they are in charge of what they learn how they learn it, choosing what it is they actually will be learning. Merging the digital and the non-digital sources so that children appreciate that information can be accessed from a variety of places, including verbally from peers and family. It will hopefully encourage children to think about where they go to find things out and choose according to relevance, ease of access and adaptability. It should also enhance the teaching partnership between family and teachers to help their/ our children/ pupils learn.

3) The resources I will use:

  • Online surveys (Google Forms) to find out what it is the children are intending on learning, what they already know about it, what they want to find out and how they are going to find/access that information.
  • The use of technologies and its programs and apps merged with the information they can access from books as we will work in the Flex model within our library.
  • Use of our learning blog to record/ case study/ minute the interactions had between the anonymous student and me, the teacher. Also beneficial as I could post reflections of the process.
  • Google Classroom as a means to share the project, however presented using which app/ program to build the content, grade the project with teacher feedback and also peer feedback by utilising its comment/ chat functionality
  • A sort of ‘learning journey’ alla Swedish model might be beneficial to help children map out their own passage in completing their own learning as well as a means of self assessment of their self directed task taken from their personal portfolio of skills that they feel they need to achieve or improve at. (This might be a longer term plan rather than within the three week period!)


I have therefore decided that Year 4 will adopt this Google20% approach as part of their eLearning, utilising the video creation apps and other animation/ presentation apps to present their project as they work towards their eProducer Digital Badge. My reflections and evaluations of this process will be posted here, week-on-week.


Would welcome any thoughts and discussions in the mean time!


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